Greatest Civil engineers of all time

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I'll go with Indian engineers first:

  1. Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayachief designer of the flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad, and India's greatest Civil engineer till date. 
  2. Kanwar Sen : Came up with the ideas of Rajasthan Canal, Ganga Canal and the master plan for the development of Narmada Project. He contributed his utmost in design and building up the Central Water and power Commission.
  3. E. Sreedharan: Well known as the 'Metro Man'.  Was put in charge for implementation, planning and design of Calcutta metro, was the  chairman and managing director of Cochin Shipyard Limited and later of Konkan Railways. He was made the managing director of Delhi Metro Rail corporation (DMRC) and is currently appointed as Principal Advisor of the Kochi Metro Rail Project. 
  4. John Smeaton: Also known as the  Father of Civil Engineering. His paper, “An Experimental Enquiry Concerning the Natural Powers of Water and Wind to Turn Mills and Other Machines Depending on Circular Motion”, showed the direct correlation between pressure and velocity for objects moving in the air. He contributed greatly with his work on windmills and waterwheels. 
  5. Benjamin Wright: Declared as the father of American Civil Engineering by the American Society of Civil engineers. He was the Chief Engineer during the construction of the Erie Canal, and later designed the Delaware canal, Hudson canal, Chesapeake canal and Ohio canal. 
  6. Squire Whipple: Designed and built a weight lock scale of 300 ton capacity to measure weight of Canal boats. He also built the first long span trapezoidal railroad bridges for the New York Railroads, along with seven short-span iron bridges. 
  7. Isambard Kingdom Brunel: He was the chief engineer of the project of network of tunnels, viaducts and bridges for the Great Western Railways which linked London to Bristol.  His designs revolutionised public transport and modern engineering. 
  8. John Bradfield: He was a prominent Australian engineer who designed and oversaw the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and theBradfield Railway scheme. He was also appointed Chief Engineer for the metropolitan railway construction in New South Wales. 

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