Soils for High Rise Buildings' foundations

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Coarse-particle soils are the best for foundation purposes. The presence of binders in them determines their suitability for a particular purpose. 
Among the coarse-grained soils (more than 50% of the total material can pass through 75 micron) are of two types.
a) Gravelly Soils - more than half of the coarse grains are larger than 4.75 mm
b) Sandy Soils- more than half of the coarse grains are smaller than 4.75 mm

In the above table, the letters are described as:
  • G : gravel
  • S : sand
  • M : silt
  • C: clay
  • W: well graded with little or no fines
  • B: well graded with clay binder
  • P: poorly graded with little or no fines

The relative suitability in the above table is for soils to be used as foundation soils. Thus GB and GW are the best soils for foundation purpose.

The order of preference is determined by the dry strength of the soil, strength in natural as well as wet and remoulded state, permeability, dry bulk density and index properties of soil.


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