Use of Steep roofs in buildings

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Steep slopes generally serve both the purposes. In areas of heavy snowfall, flat roofs would be loaded with snow which may jeopardize the roof's load bearing capacity and may lead to cracks. If cracks occur, the melted snow would also enter the building. Steep slopes slide down the fallen snow in pretty short time. The Roof pitch is decided on the basis of annual snowfall in the region. 

We know that air is a bad conductor of heat, and while constructing steep roofs, there is usually a layer of air between the timber/concrete roof and the roof tiles. Thus the house remains insulated and warm during the winters.

Another advantage of steep roofs is they are of great importance when it comes to water harvesting. Water is collected in eaves attached at the end part of the roof and stored for use in the summers for plant irrigation. 

Also, Solar panels can be installed on the roof which in turn generate electricity for the house. The steep roofs aren't used for the purposes served by flat roofs, so they can be used for purposes like this. 

The photograph above shows how a steep roof helps in all the purposes mentioned above.

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